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Many of our clients are specialty Dentists who, before coming to us, didn’t even realize what they had been missing. They had a vision for their practice, but didn’t have enough time to focus on the business side of things. Now, they have more time to spend with patients, new insights to run a more profitable practice, improved cash flow, and streamlined processes that keep staff happy and productive.


Not all Dental Practices, or Accounting Firms, are alike.

Every Dentist we work with is unique, from specializations to accounting standards to financial and staff resources. Most general accounting firms simply don’t understand the complexities and intricacies of dental accounting. They might be able to record your financial transactions or do your taxes, but when it comes to helping you strategize growth, comply with industry standards and identify ways to achieve a competitive advantage—that’s just not their thing.

You need a true partner who knows your industry, keeps up on dental trends and best practices, and provides the specific metrics and reports you need to build your practice. Together, we’ll set goals and help you achieve them.

That’s why Dentists choose Performance Business Analytics.

Investing in your long-term success is very much our thing. 

Expert Approach

We take a collaborative approach to provide information to our business partners using financial analytics, streamlined processes, and combined knowledge. We drive goals, visions, and dreams.

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